5 Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

Dated: September 28 2019

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Don't be afraid to swing that hammer or dip that paintbrush. We have some easy tips to get you started on some DIY home projects. Get your tools ready!

Home improvement projects for homeowners

Home improvement projects don’t always have to involve professionals. In fact, there are tons of home projects that you can do — even if you’ve never done a project before. Below are five of our favorite easy home improvement projects for beginners.

Switch It Out

Quite possibly the simplest DIY home improvement project around, switching out old hardware can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. Necessary tools? Just a screwdriver. And we’re not simply talking about the knobs on your kitchen cabinets and drawers. We’re talking furniture hardware, doorknobs and switch plates, too. All you have to do is pick out new hardware that is the same size, switch it out, and voila, instant upgrade!

Paint, Paint, Paint

We can’t talk about DIY home projects without mentioning the magic of paint. Talk about an easy, low-cost, total transformation! Perhaps you’re tired of staring at the bright red walls in the kitchen or you’d like to paint some trendy stripes on your baby’s nursery walls. Whatever the idea, channeling your inner Joanna Gaines is certainly possible with a can of paint and a paintbrush. And don’t stop there; painting doesn’t always require a brush. Enter\ the spray paint can. From updating the look of old light fixtures to instantly changing brass hinges to oil-rubbed bronze, spray paint is a DIY lover’s best friend. Bonus Tip: Walls and objects aren’t the only paintable surfaces. Truly transform the look of your bathrooms and kitchens by painting your outdated tile, tub, and sinks. 

Look Down

Dirty carpet and squeaky floors got you down? Have no fear! It may seem all too simple, but deep cleaning the carpet and getting rid of the squeak can make a huge impact. For a minimal price, you can rent a commercial carpet cleaner from the store (most grocery stores actually have them), and quickly and efficiently get that carpet looking new again. For the squeaky wood floors? Check out these seven easy ways to tackle them. Pure genius. 

Light It Up

There are not many things as beautiful as a breathtaking light fixture, especially when you first walk into a home. To update yours, simply remove the fixtures that you’re not too fond of throughout the house, and replace them with new ones using the existing wiring. Now, making this DIY home improvement does require a safety precaution. Always make sure the power is turned off on the breaker panel before working with any type of light fixture. Changing a light fixture isn't too difficult when you have step-by-step instructions. The result is well worth it in the end.

Think Outside The Box (Or Home, That Is)

Curb appeal is the first thing people notice about your home. Even if you still have a long way to go with the inside of the house, you can fool anyone passing by with a pristine and updated front yard and porch. Some easy ideas for making the neighbors jealous? Consider painting the door a color that “pops,” switching out the doormat, planting flowers along the walkway and adding decorative house numbers, to name a few. And don’t forget about the impact a simple power washing can have. In fact, you don’t even need to own a power washer to use it at your home. Most hardware stores will let you rent one for a very reasonable price.

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